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Our methods.

Our methods are different from other residential and commercial cleaning companies. We are often asked if we are "green cleaners."

The answer is yes, though we provide a cleaner clean than most. We do not "surface clean" or mask dirt and odors with perfumed soaps. Some so-called green cleaning products are completely ineffective against mildew, mold, and common cold and flu viruses. They do little more than add another layer of stickiness to surfaces.

To us, a clean home is a healthy home. We deep clean to clear from your home not only the everyday grime, but the microbes and germs that come in on your shoes, your kids, your pets, and your purchases.

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High Standards

Standard cleaning by us includes everything! We take out the trash and recycling, detail dusting, washing all floors and baseboards on hands and knees with cotton diapers, vacuuming, cob-webbing, cleaning door frames, picture frames, window frames, and sills, detail cleaning in the bathrooms and kitchen, and more.

We do not use any brooms or mops, which only push the dirt around.

Instead, we exclusively use all natural 100% cotton baby diapers: they are completely lint free and absorbent; they capture the dirt, dust, and spores; and they are fresh and sanitized with a bleach wash for each cleaning and each home. They are also safe to use on all your surfaces -- they will never scratch a piano key. 

It is the same with all our tools: we use only the highest quality. Our vacuums are powerful, efficient, quiet, and equipped with HEPA filters. They also wear soft sheepskin covers so they can never leave a ding in your woodwork or mar your fine furniture. New bags... of course... every time we enter your home, or any home. 

Our goal is not just a clean home, but a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.