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Who we are.

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we are professionals.

With over 25 years of experience, we've learned the best way to maintain a fresh, clean, inviting, and healthy environment in your home.

Our service is customized for your needs- we do not dust and dash. Each person in the company receives extensive training and education in the very best way to clean and protect your possessions. 

The same person cleans your home each time, so she or he knows just how you like your things and a comprehensive, personalized checklist ensures a thorough job. 

No more wondering where to find the honey bear

Your personal housecleaner also knows -- before you do -- when it's time for windows to be washed and carpets to be cleaned. 

We are happy to arrange those services for you. Better yet, you don't have to be home to let the carpet cleaner or handyman in. We'll be there to manage whatever services you need.

How We Work >>

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Before your next party, family gathering, or evening with the girls, we'll tidy up and make sure sofa pillows are fluffed, things put away, and your home is looking (and smelling) sweet and smart. (If you'd like, we'll even come back afterwards to do a thorough cleaning.)